Sunday, April 17, 2011

Rajasthan Tour: Explore the Colorful State of India

Do you want to explore the real beauty of India and have desire to get a great experience of your trip in a different manner, come to India and explore the most beautiful and colorful state of Rajasthan in India, which is one of the most sought after and prominent state of India, which can be visited with Rajasthan tour. It is home of one of the oldest civilizations of the world, resonates with tales of chivalry, honor, valor and splendor. Discovery of the prehistoric site of Kalibangan in Ganganagar unveils a very ancient township that could be linked to the Indus Valley Civilization because of its proximity to Harappa. Certain tribes and nomads inhabited this region, which was largely a harsh, inhospitable terrain.

Towards the middle of the sixth century, a brave warrior clan of the Kshatriyas, called the Rajputs established their supremacy and then began the most glorious phase of history whose legacy lingers till today. Our ancient scriptures, like the Puranas, describe them as suryavanshis (solar race) or descendants of lord Ramah, the hero of the most revered epic Ramayana and chandravanshis (lunar race), who claim lineage from Lord Krishana of the equally famous epic Mahabharat. With the help of Rajasthan tour, tourists can observe another view ascribes their origin to the Agni (sacred fire) ceremony conducted by Brahamin priests at Mount Abu, situated atop the Aravalli range. From the pious flames of this yagna, emerged the thirty six clans of rajputs who later evolved into different dynasties.

There are some prominent ones being the Sisodias of Mewar, Kachhwahas of Amber, Rathores of Bikaner, Haras of Kota and Bundi, Bhattis of jaisalmer and Chauhans of Ajmer, who went onto the rule the land for nearly one thousand years. Each of these twenty two kingdoms ruled by a Raja or Rana built its fortified citadel for protection against the neighboring enemy or the wandering tribes. In this war like ethos, the proud, brave and Royal Rajputs transformed their barren, dusty region into an enchanting land with a mesmerizing beauty and resplendence. So, if you want to experience of all these things and have desire to known about its history, opt for Rajasthan tour, which provide you all facilities and information about tour to India


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