Saturday, April 16, 2011

India Travel Expert: A Journey in Magical Land Of India

In all over the world, India is well-known for its lively colors, traditional culture, fair and festivals. It is the land of a huge treasure of rich heritage, which is able to be seen from it’s a number of historical monuments, Forts, and temples, beaches, hill stations and many other things. All these things create the best India tour, which is one of the most demanded tours. India is such a magical country which can be difficult for the tourists to fix a travel itinerary without the guidance of an expert tour planner. If you want to make your trip memorable and exciting, choose India travel expert, which provide a number of India tour packages, which create traveling in India easier. This tour option helps not only in planning trip, booking the hotels and travel tickets but also caters tourist with all modern amenities.

There are a number of Indian holiday packages, which discover something new and interesting in India. So, tourists can get any one of them such as Adventure tour packages, Beach Tour packages, Heritage tour packages, Wildlife tour packages, Pilgrimage tour packages, Honeymoon tour packages and many more.

Adventure tour packages: With the help of this option, tourists can explore the major adventure tour destinations of India, which take the tourists for a Markha Valley trek, a jeep safari in Himalayas, a wildlife safari in Rajasthan, a river rafting on the Ganges etc. With India travel expert, visitors can experience the real thrill of exciting activities travel in India.

Beach Tour packages: If you are fond of spending some time in the ambience of beaches, this option is the perfect for you. With this, tourists can observe Goa Carnival package, Tiger tour with beach package, South India Beach package etc.  

Heritage tour packages: With this tour options, visitors can visit rich heritage of India. With the help of India travel expert, tourists can explore many attractive attractions such as Rajput heritage tour, Ladakh Kashmir heritage tour, and Heritage tour with river Ganges etc.

Wildlife tour packages: There are 96 national parks and 350 wildlife sanctuaries in India that can be explored by the help of India travel expert. South India wildlife tour, Rajasthan wildlife tour, Tiger tour, East India wildlife tour are the famous attractions of India.

Pilgrimage tour packages:  India is home to the people, who are belonging from different religious beliefs like Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, Buddhists and Jews. With the help of this tour package, tourists can visit some of the devotional places. 


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