Monday, April 11, 2011

Grand Rajasthan Tour: Get Experience during the Trip to India

Rajasthan is not only a good-looking touring destination but also a home to rich tourist attractions and destinations, where tourists can observe cultural, rural, wildlife, adventure, sport, and heritages with grand Rajasthan tour. Here, visitors can explore a number of rich historical treasures, charming architecture and the astonishing landscapes, which is are outstanding attractions touring destination from all over the world. The colorful state is also prominent for its triple riding of elephant, camel and tiger.

Under the protective cover of the Mughals and later the British, the Rajput rulers, with more time and wealth at their disposal, began to build delicate peace time palaces around beautiful lakes and in the plains instead of on rocky outcrops. While the architectural embellishments in earlier palaces showed a Mughal influence, those built in the 19th and 20th century adopted an indo-saracenic style. With grand Rajasthan tour, visitors can get a great experience of their life by exploring Rajasthan.

Whatever the architectural effulgence and locations, each wall of every fort and palace in Rajasthan echoes with tales of bloody battles, feuds, conquests, conspiracies and celebrations- poignant reminders of their historical saga. While secular architecture influenced by regional and political factors continued to evolve, religious architecture comprised mainly the temples which were built according to principals laid down in the shastras (ancient treatises). From 8th to 15th century, the temples had a carved fa├žade and were usually built on a high plinth with steps leading to an outer chamber followed by the sanctum sanctorum. The temple had a single spire and sometimes many smaller shrines were built around the main temple, which can be visited with grand Rajasthan tour. The exquisitely carved Jain temples, particularly those at dilwara and ranakpur, remain unparalled in their magnificence. The ornately carved sandstone havelis of Jaisalmer and the vibrant murals on the walls of shekhawati mansions symbolize medieval power, wealth and a culture rooted in the past.

Thus, visitors can also get a great fun of camel safari in waving, safari of elephant in Amber fort, gleaming sand dunes of Jaisalmer etc. Sam sand dunes and tiger safari in Ranthambore national park are well-known, which is one of the most sought after and prominent park of Rajasthan. If visitors want to explore all these things of Rajasthan in a great manner, they should opt for a suitable tour package of Rajasthan to experience the state in the most suitable manner. The colorful provides a pleasant chance to observe the Thar Desert in Rajasthan as well as the stunning places of the state.


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