Thursday, December 16, 2010

Train Travel to Rajasthan for luxury tour in India

The Indian Railways provide an excess of options to the tourists to observe the glory of India by train travel depending upon the budget and choices of the travelers. There are some exclusive and imperial magnificence trains like the Palace on Wheels, the Royal Orient Train, the Deccan Odyssey, the Heritage on Wheels and the Fairy Queen which give a royal journey to the tourists who come to India with the desire of exploring the famous destinations of India. In the lap of India there are many sought after and worth visiting attractions but in the state of Rajasthan there are uncountable magnetisms which draw the attention of tourists coming from all over the world. In the state of Rajasthan there are many attractions to visit. With train travel to Rajasthan can have a great experience of lifetime. Some of the famous Luxury trains of India are:

Places on Wheels: A journey on this train is worthy as the train of kings is decorated with its cream saloons, a border of flowers, forbidding fortress, fairytale palaces, fully entrance hall and centrally air-condition, truly a Palace on Wheels.

Heritage on Wheels: Heritage on Wheels is an ideal royal treat for all those on board planned with restaurant and shopping facility.

Deccan Odyssey: The Deccan Odyssey is one of the most chosen trains for train travel to Rajasthan. There are 21 coaches Air-Conditioned in Deccan Odyssey which offer blend of richly provides Deluxe Cabins and Presidential Suites. In the train, there are two Dining Cars, One Bar Saloon with smoking sprawl area, Conference Area/recreation saloon with small Business Centre, Spa Saloon with mini-gym also.

Konkan Train: Konkan Railways is one of the most deluxe train journeys which gives fine looking sights to the travelers by taking them to new destinations with natural attraction. It covers the length of 760 kms, with 1,798 bridges and 88 Tunnels on the path. Konkan Railways presents an attention grabbing scenic beauty from Mumbai to Thiruvananthapuram via Veer-Khed-Chiplun-Ratnagiri-Rajapur Road-Sindhudurg-Mapusa Road-Goa-Udupi-Mangalore-Kochi.

A trip to Rajasthan with train travel to Rajasthan is extra ordinary and if you are going to explore its charisma first time, you will be surely spell bound by observing its splendor.  


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