Monday, August 15, 2011

Enjoy the Trip with India Travel

Do you want to visit India? If yes, opt for India travel and get a great experience of your trip in a different manner. India has many things to explore like magnificent forts & palaces, terrific temples, verdant hill stations, towering mountain peaks, beautiful beaches, snow-clad Himalayan mountain peaks, dense forests, traditional villages, modern cities, glaciers etc. with India Tour Packages, tourists can explore many places.

Green Magic, Wayanad, Karnataka

Wayanad has probably one of the few unspoiled rainforest in India, where trees are as tall as those in fairy tales and where elephants across the roads every five minutes. What makes it unique is that; visitors do not come here seeking luxury. No fine single malts or thin-crust wood-fired pizza here. Most resort here is eco-friendly and will not permit the visitors to smoke or drink. Wayanad has some spectacular resorts, catering to a wide variety of tourists-from the extravagant traveler looking for a rustic experience to an ecologist in search of a space that believes in conservation. Most of them find that green magic answers many of their queries. It’s a unique nature resort with tree houses, rainforest eco lodges and cave houses, all within the tropical forests surrounded by more than a hundred varieties of birds and animals, most of them unique to this region.

Cicada Woods, Tamil Nadu

With the help of India travel, one can explore the most gorgeous place of Tamil Nadu. As tourists clamber down one hill and climb up another to grab a bite at the dining room or lie aimlessly in the shed, visitors can relies that walking their way (although not always the easiest) way of shedding those extra pounds. But being in Cicada Woods, near yelagiri Hills, is not only about being healthy. It is about elevating the sprites and senses. It is about basking in the quite company f nature. About following rules and respecting the surroundings. About self-reflection, that leads to professional growth and thereby contributes to organizational success.

Adishakti, Pondicherry

By choosing India Tour, tourists can visit the most magnificent place of Pondicherry. With its quaint French quarter, its great range of continental and French food, and the Tamil section with its color and variety, provides for a great cultural experience. If that is what you are looking for, head straight to Adishakti, located close to Auroville. Step into the three-and-a-half acre sylvan surroundings filled with trees, flowering plants, dogs running about and people rehearsing.  


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