Monday, July 11, 2011

Taj Mahal Tour: Get a Great Experience of Dream in Marble

The Taj Mahal, standing on the right bank of Yamuna, about 1.1/2 regarded as one of the wonders of the Fort, rightly synonymous not only with Agra but India. If Fatehpur Sikari is a song written in red sandstone, Taj Mahal is poem composed in white marble, which can be visited with Taj Mahal tour. This wonderful mausoleum was erected by that “most magnificent of all the royal builders of India,” shah Jahan, to perpetuate the memory of his most beloved wife, the empress Arjumand Bano Begum. Born in 1592, she was the daughter of the Mirza Ghiyas Baig or Itmad-ud-daulah and the niece of the age of nineteen she was married to prince Khurram-afterwards the Emperor shah Jahan, when Jahanghir confirmed upon her the title of Mumtaz Mahal or “ Exalted of the Palace”. It is worthwhile to note that shah Jahan, through hardly twenty-one had another wife named Khandari Begum. Mumtaz Mahal was to shah Jahan in a manner what her aunt Nur Jahan had been to Jahanghir. She was in no way inferior to Nur Jahan in mental gifts or personal beauty, - for which she was far-famed.

With the help of Taj Mahal tour, tourists can know about its history also. Mumtaz Mahal was consulted in all important affairs of state and was the keeper of the Royal Seal, a symbol of great royal trust. She remained with her consort like his shadow and shared the vicissitudes of her husband’s life without a murmur. She was with him in the most trying and dangerous monuments of their married life. When shah Jahan was camping at Burhanpur to crush the rebel khan-jahan Lodi Mumtaz was delivered of her fourteenth child and died on Wednesday 17th Ziqad A.H 1040 (A.D. 1630). Deeply grieved and shocked, shah Jahan, for two years remained aloof from tasteful dishes, gorgeous robes, music and merriment. In this way, the idea of Taj took roots and so rightly it is designed as monument of grief, which can be explored with Taj Mahal tour.     

To immortalize his passionate devotion to his consort and to build over grave a mausoleum of matchless beauty, shah Jahan summoned from his own territories, as well as from foreign countries, such as Persia, Arabia and Turkey, the expert architects, engineers, master masons, calligraphers, specialist dome-masters, flower-carvers, inlayers etc. now what you are waiting for just book Taj Mahal tour and get a great experience of trip to India in a great manner.


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