Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Train Travel: Popular Way of Visiting India

Today’s time, train travel is one of the most popular and best ways to visit India and for experiencing the country’s varied culture and a number of attention grabbing attractions. In fact, it is openly said that your trip to India is not complete unless you experience train travel which is provided by the Indian Railways. You will be glad to know that train travel in India is economical, dependable, safe, happy and full of excitements. By means of train any can reach his destination by boarding a train for the particular place according to the schedule of that train. Moreover, Indian Railways provides train services to mountainous areas where a number of tourists want to spend their time for a lifetime experience. And such traveling is called the ‘Toy Train’ or ‘Mountain Railways’, as they go on narrow gauge track passing through zigzag hills.

The Indian Railway offers train travel services according the set schedule of the particular train in diverse classes for instance; common seating, chair seating, sleeper class and air-conditioned. Thus, tourists can travel on trains as per their interest and choice. The trains have been classified like Passenger, Mail, Superfast and the like according to the route, Boggies, services & facilities and velocity. Travelers should follow the train schedule and book the tickets of train for the desired destinations to travel in Indian trains.

The information about the schedule of trains is available online on the official website of Indian Railways. The passengers planning for train travel can find the information on Indian Railways timetable and train schedule by purchasing the book which is Trains at a Glance. Before you book the train ticket it is always prudent to purchase a copy of the book ‘Trains at a Glance’, for getting the other related information. The timetable of Indian Railways remains fixed for trains running on the different routes and it remain same from July to the end of June. Therefore, it is better to have the complete information about the timetable of Indian Railways if you want to stay away from any type of last-minute train travel disarray. 


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